Aladin is a man who comes from the Persian state. He lived alone with his mother. They live in simplicity. Until one day there was a man who came home Aladin. The man said that he was the brother of the deceased father who had long migrated to neighboring countries. Aladdin and his mother very happy, because it turns out they still have a brother.
"Malang brother once your fate," the man said to Aladdin and his mother. "The important thing is we can still eat, uncle," replied Aladdin. Feeling concerned about the state of his brother, the man intends to invite Aladdin out of town. With the permission of her mother, then followed his uncle's Aladdin went out of town.
The journey that they travel very far at all, and his uncle did not allow Aladdin to rest. When Aladdin asks his uncle to stop for a moment, his uncle scolded him directly. Until finally they came to a place in the middle of the forest. Aladdin and his uncle were ordered to search for firewood. "Later, yes uncle, Aladin want to rest first," said Aladdin. His uncle was very angry after hearing the answers to these Aladin. "Leave now, or kusihir you a frog", cried uncle. Seeing his uncle was very angry, and rushed Aladdin set out in search of wood.
After getting the wood, his uncle and then make a fire and say the incantation. Aladin was very surprised at all, because after his uncle read the spell, suddenly ground to crack and form a hole. Aladdin began to ask himself, "Is he really my uncle? Or is he just a magician who wants to use me alone? "
"Aladdin, come down you kelubang it. Get me a light at the bottom of the cave Antic ", told his uncle. "I'm afraid my uncle," said Aladdin. His uncle then gave the ring to the Aladdin. "Wear this, this ring will protect you", said his uncle. Then Aladdin began to fall down.
After reaching the bottom, Aladin was amazed by what he saw. On the basis of the Aladdin's cave to find that the fruit trees and lots of jewelry jewels. "Sooner you bring me antique lamp, Aladdin. Do perdulikan the other, "his uncle shouted from above. Aladdin took the lamp antique, and mulaimemanjat upward. But after nearly reached the top, Aladdin's cave to see the door was closed and only open a crack. Aladdin began to think that his uncle would set her up. "Hurry Aladdin, just throw the lamp", cried uncle. "No, I'm not going to memberikanlampu this, before I reached the top," said Aladdin.
After debate, the uncle of Aladdin became impatient and finally "Brak!" pit door closed, and his uncle left the Aladdin trapped in an underground hole. Aladdin became sad, and sat. Now he knows that real men are not his uncle, and he just manipulated by man. Aladin lalubmencari every way in order to exit the cave, but his efforts are always in vain. "I'm very hungry, and want to meet my mother, O Lord, save your servant," says Aladin.
Lights AladinSambil pray, Aladdin rubbed antique lamps and wondered why the man wanted to have the witch lamp. Having rubbed, suddenly became red around it and smoke billowing. Along with that came a giant. Aladdin was so scared. "Forgive me, because it has been surprising sir", I was the guardian genie lamp. What is the command master to me? ", Said the giant" Oh, then take me to come home. " "Good lord, take kepunggungku, we will soon go from here", said Jin lights. In a short time, Aladdin had reached the front of his house. "If the host requires me, call me by rubbing the lamp."
Aladdin told him all things in nature to his mother. "Why did the witch want this dirty lamp huh?", Said Mrs. Aladin. "This is a magic lamp Mom!", Said Aladdin. Because her mother did not believe, then rub the Aladdin's lamp. And after the genie out the lamp, Aladdin asks for the prepared food is delicious. Taklama then her mother terkejur, because a very delicious dish is available in front of the eye.
Similarly, days, months, tahunpun change, Aladdin lived happily with his mother. Aladin has now become a young man. One day, through a daughter of King in front of his house. He was fascinated and felt in love with Princess Belle's. Aladdin and his desire to tell his mother to marry a princess. "Calm Aladdin, Mother would commercialize them." Mother went to the palace of the king by bringing the jewels belonged to Aladdin. "Your Majesty, this is a gift to the king of my son." King very happy. "Well ..., your son is definitely a handsome prince, tomorrow I will come to your palace with her daughter." After arriving at home Mom immediately rub the lamp genie lamp and asked to bring a castle. Aladdin and his mother waited on the hill. Shortly afterwards the genie lamp comes with a magnificent palace on his back. "Sir, this palace." The next day the King and his daughter came to visit the Palace of Aladdin's very majestic. "Will you make my son as a wife?", Asked the King. Aladdin is very pleased to hear that. Then they both perform the wedding.
Not unexpectedly, it turns out the witch turned out to see it all through a crystal ball. He then went to the Aladdin and pretended to be a seller in front of the Palace of Aladdin's lamp. He shouted, "given in exchange for your old lights with new lights!". The empress who saw the old Aladdin's magic lamp to get out and exchange it with a new lamp. Soon the magician rub the lamp genie lamp and ordered the palace and its contents and bring Aladdin's wife into his home.
When Aladdin came home from tour, he was very surprised because the court lost. Aladin then remembered with a ring of male witch. Rubbed the ring, and ring out Jin. Aladdin asked the genie ring about what had happened to his palace. Jin Ring then told all to Aladdin. "Then please bring the palace back to me and my wife," said Aladdin. "Sorry sir, my strength is not for genie lamp," said Jin ring. "Then, please Take me to the place of the wizard. I'll take his own ", said Aladdin. Arriving at the Palace, Aladdin slipped inside to find the room where the Princess locked up. Princess then told me that witches were sleeping due to drinking beer. After learning that the magician was asleep, then sneak into the room Aladdin men male witch.
Having successfully entered the room, and Aladdin's magic lamp that witch take and immediately rub it. "Get rid of these criminals," said Aladdin to the genie lamp. Wizards woke up, then attack the Aladdin. But Jin direct light slammed into the wizards and threw it outside the palace. "Thank you genie lamp, take us and the palace back to its original place." Arriving in the Persian Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to help the poor and distress.

Tale "Aladdin and the magic lamp" is retold by kak Ghulam Pramudiana