Had "Shark Tale" had even an iota of the wit and charm that seems to have little trouble finding its way into Pixar's creations, the movie might have been more enjoyable. At the least the filmmakers could have snuck in some funny social commentary through the veil of animation.

What we have instead is an urban, glib, lifeless product that is market-tested and ready for consumption. An empty ghetto-fabulous morality tale loaded with pop culture references and plenty of bling-bling but no heart.

Under the ocean, Oscar (voice of Will Smith) is a tongue-scrubber at a "whale-wash" and part-time hustler. He wishes for a better life, hoping to swim his way to the top of the fish social ladder, though his coworker Angie (voice of Renee Zellweger) thinks he should be happy with who he is, and tries to subtly drop hints that she's quite taken with him.

Meanwhile, great white shark and local crime boss Don Lino (voice of Robert De Niro) is planning to turn his family business over to his two sons, Frankie and Lenny. But Lenny (voice of Jack Black) is harboring some serious issues concerning eating other fish, and the godfather is worried his weak son with reflect poorly on him.

Oscar has problems. In debt to his boss Sykes (voice of Martin Scorsese), he soon ends up in hot water. However, fate runs him smack into Frankie and Lenny. During the scuffle, an anchor accidentally kills Frankie and Oscar is mistakenly given credit for the kill. Now a media celebrity for being a "shark slayer," Oscar rides his status all the way to the top, with Sykes managing his interests and the sharks fuming that their top spot in the food chain is quickly losing its power.

Situations soon escalate and Oscar and Lenny reach an agreement: if they fake a battle and Oscar emerges triumphant, he can keep his credibility as a shark slayer and Lenny can start a new life.

"Shark Tale" openly references "The Godfather" and "Jaws" at every opportunity, which in and of itself isn't too bad except that so little is made of the main plot itself that the whole move feels like a patchwork of other, better movies, just with a meaningless hip-hop attitude. The special effects are up to par but there's nothing really special about them. The audience needs a story and characters, not just choreographed dance sequences and goofy product placements.

All this might have been negligible had the movie actually been funny. This, sadly, is not the case. I only recorded one good laugh during the screening I attended, and that involved a shark voiced by Peter Falk whose flatulence had the expected effect on a henchmen. When a fart joke is the best you have to offer, then you've got serious problems.

The story also steals shamelessly from the 1942 Disney cartoon "The Reluctant Dragon," which featured a fixed battle between a loudmouth braggart knight and a pacifist dragon to keep the locals off both their backs. That story was at least short and cute, neither of which can be said about this debacle.

Along with the plot, voice acting is pretty lifeless as well. Smith gets to indulge his ego, playing his own persona on screen once again, this time in fish form. De Niro and Scorsese seem to be having fun spoofing their own tough guy roles, but that's about it from them. The biggest surprise is how much of a laid-back performance Black gives. His trademark manic desperation is nowhere to be seen, playing instead a shockingly normal character. Had he cut loose, the scenes he's in might have been more enjoyable. What's stranger is his hiding of his vegetarian leanings from his dad is handled like an allegory for a gay person coming out to his parents.

When is Hollywood going to realize it doesn't matter how many famous actors you get to do voices for your characters; if the story sucks, then no amount of acting talent is going to save it? There are three Academy Award winners in this cast, just don't use that as a benchmark for excellence.

This all amounts to another animated project from DreamWorks high on energy and low on inspiration. After "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron," "Road to El Dorado" and "Sinbad" all tanked, it's clear that the "Shrek" series is the only good thing the studio has going for it right now.

Of course, there's no escaping comparison to that other computer animated fish movie, either, and that's when this film looks most wanting. Where Pixar's "Finding Nemo" swam the full depths of the ocean, "Shark Tale" seems content to just tread water in the wading pool.

4 out of 10 stars. Pretty to look at, but any movie that tries to push this much "coolness" down your throat is just asking to be despised.


 In ancient times there was a very pretty girl. Her mother had died. Not long after the death of her mother, her father berkahwin with a widow who has two children. His stepmother was very fierce. So is the second person stepbrother. His father was also always out port for trade.

Every day he was ordered by a stepmother and two half brothers in order to make the house work. Cinderella felt very sad memory of the fate that struck him. There is no place for him to complain.
Her beautiful face into a dirty kerana make too much work and did not get going mengemaskan himself. While both of his half-brother only knew primp, beautiful dress and walk around. Kerana sentiasa clothes and grimy face, the two men held her sister's Cinderella.

One day the king's son had made the announcement will hold a dance-dance gathering at the palace. All the girls in the country were picked to attend the Majlis. Both men's half sister who hodoh Cinderella was a decision that would accompany the Majlis.

By kerana they not beautiful clothes, they were directing Cinderella's stepmother sew new clothes for both men was her stepbrother. Both strands of her sister's clothes sewn by Cinderella. After the clothes were ready, the second brother said he bertekak each other the most beautiful.

"I'll wear a red baldu with beautiful beads. I also will wear a white pearl chain. Of course I look pretty. "

"I'm more beautiful clothes than clothes you!" Said the elder brother left the second. "Labuci and my clothes are filled with beads. Neck chains emerald green. Of course I was more beautiful than you and can captivate the king's son! ". "You're not going to berkahwin with the king's son," he said with a laugh that her step brother to Cinderella.

Cinderella was sad to hear the words that her stepbrother. The two men her stepbrother was in a hurry to go as he continued with a laugh Cinderella. After both brothers and stepmother went Cinderella sits alone in the kitchen. She cried remembering the unfortunate fate. Suddenly he was surprised kerana see a flicker of light not far from it. From light growing out of a pari-pari beautiful.

"Who are you? Where did you come? "Asked Cinderella while mengesat tears.

"I was pari-pari nanny you," replied the pari-pari beautiful. "Now tell me is there any you want to go to the council in the palace of the king's son?"

"Yes, I really wanted to go to the Majlis tu," replied Cinderella. I want to meet with the king's son. "

"I must request you to exert it," replied the pari-pari again. But there are terms. You have to make what I'm told. "

"Well," replied Cinderella agree.

"At first go to the garden and grab a pumpkin that big palihg," said the pari-pari. Cinderella kept running into the garden and picked the biggest pumpkin. He immediately brought the pumpkin into the garden. Pari-pari touched it with a stick magic pumpkin. Suddenly, something magical was in effect. Pumpkin is a beautiful horse-drawn carriage and large. It poses baldu a beautiful chair, decorated with a golden yard.

Cinderella looked at the horse carriage with a sense of awe and admiration.

"Now, bring me six rats," said the pari-pari again. Cinderella immediately went into the kitchen. He was looking under the kitchen and behind the door. Not long after he had brought six rats in front of the pari-pari. Rats that had been exchanged by the pari-pari into six horses that will pull the train the horse.

"We already have a horse-drawn carriage to take you to the palace. Now I need a longer rat to become accompanist and assistant horse-drawn carriage. "Cinderella went into the kitchen to find a more rats. Once he was able to catch the rat with the rat immediately delivered to the pari-pari it.

Now the horse-drawn carriage that was complete with guides dressed in tidy and beautiful. "Now you can go to the Majlis, and meet the son of the king!" Said the pari-pari.

"But how? I can not get into the palace. Bad clothes and rags. Of the palace guard will drive me out. "

Pari-pari touched Cinderella with the magic wand. Exchanged sleeve necessarily be beautiful. His hair and his face is also beautiful glow. "And this is the last gift," said the pari-rays were then handed a beautiful pair of gold slippers that Cinderella never imagined so far.

Cinderella was overjoyed. He then embraced the pari-pari. When he stepped into the carriage horse, pari-pari instruct it to him. "Promise, you'll go home before twelve o'clock midnight, my son. Kerana at that time everything will be back to its origin. "

Cinderella promised to go home before twelve midnight. The train was properly ran to the palace. When he reached the front door of the palace, guards with a respectfully welcome ketibaannya. He was accompanied to the palace council. There has to earnestly Majlis dance. All the people on the board looked at him. They were so amazed to see a very pretty girl. Both men also kehairanan her stepbrother.

King's son came to him and then led his hand. King's son asked her to dance. They danced all night. Son of the king only mahu dance with Cinderella. Son was very interested in Cinderella. No sesiapa there know him and they all feel amazed and impressed.

The king and queen who are above singgahsana feel amazed at the beauty of Cinderella. Cinderella also almost forgot about him and his promise to the pari-pari it.

Cinderella was surprised when menyedari half hour of twelve o'clock midnight. He said goodbye to the son of the king and left the palace. Sake only as good as he got home hour has struck twelve midnight.

After berehat of fatigue Cinderella finds both his half-brother went home. They are busy telling about a very beautiful daughter who does not recognize it. "Son of the king has fallen for him," said the old stepbrother. "Son of the king can do about sake only to find out his name and where he lives."

Cinderella smiled at the words of two men who hodoh was her stepbrother. "Is he really look beautiful?" Asked Cinderella. "How lucky to see the princess's brother."

Cinderella is not discouraged kerana he will go and see his son was on the next night. The next day the two men her stepbrother busy getting ready to go to the palace. Pari-pari nanny Cinderella until well as his half-brother sake only two people that went to the palace. He uses the magic wand and change clothes more beautiful Cinderella from the first night.

Son of the king had already fallen in love with Cinderella. He waited and welcomed the arrival of Cinderella at the front door of the palace.

Cinderella almost forgot about him kerana too excited. He never felt happy like that before. The period passed quickly disedarinya not have any time twelve midnight. He was shocked and immediately ran home.

Cinderella fear beautiful clothes would be a bad exchange to exchange his horse and cart back into mice. He ran outside and found his horse carriage has been exchanged. Cinderella ran home with panting.

Son chased from behind Cinderella. When coming down the stairs, gold sandals Cinderella has been uprooted. But Cinderella does not menyedarinya. King's son took the sandals. When his half-brother to go home tell them busy. Putera lovely golden sandals that were left behind in the palace and was met by the son of the king.

In the early morning the next day the king made the announcement. The girl who has a foot in accordance with the gold sandals Size will be the wife of his son. He had ordered the guards to bring shoes to the all the houses in the country to dicuba. But no one can wear them. Finally, the palace guards arrived at Cinderella's house.

Both men's half sister is very excited about mencuba Cinderella. When she tried to wear sandals that she became angry. "Why do not fit?" Said his half-brother of the first. "I look small Feet sake only!" Rungutnya.

"So I was trying," said his half sister the second. When his half-brother who both wear, sandals was much larger until he could not walk.

"I'm sure that shoes fit with me but why he became bigger than the foot of me!"

"Is there sesiapa again in this house who want mencuba this shoe?" Asked the guard to the second person Cinderella stepsister. "It's no longer sesiapa," they replied.

Guards were distinguished Cinderella iatana residing there. Her heart says she was pretty but her clothes in tatters. He also called Cinderella to try. As good sake only sandals were sheathed at its feet, It is very appropriate at all to make the second big surprise of her stepbrother.

While it also pari-pari appear before them with a smile. He also touched Cinderella with the magic wand and change clothes Cinderella.

Cinderella's half sister was angry and jealous. Pari-rays were also carried him into a willing horse-drawn carriage awaits.

Horse-drawn carriage that was moving away toward the palace. Son of the king very happy when she finally met her beloved. The next day they were berkahwin safe and peaceful life.

Cinderella never forget the two men then took their stepfather's brother lived with him in the palace. Not long after the two men was her stepbrother berkahwin with the rich. They no longer arrogant and hodoh. Over time they also look beautiful and graceful.


Aladin is a man who comes from the Persian state. He lived alone with his mother. They live in simplicity. Until one day there was a man who came home Aladin. The man said that he was the brother of the deceased father who had long migrated to neighboring countries. Aladdin and his mother very happy, because it turns out they still have a brother.
"Malang brother once your fate," the man said to Aladdin and his mother. "The important thing is we can still eat, uncle," replied Aladdin. Feeling concerned about the state of his brother, the man intends to invite Aladdin out of town. With the permission of her mother, then followed his uncle's Aladdin went out of town.
The journey that they travel very far at all, and his uncle did not allow Aladdin to rest. When Aladdin asks his uncle to stop for a moment, his uncle scolded him directly. Until finally they came to a place in the middle of the forest. Aladdin and his uncle were ordered to search for firewood. "Later, yes uncle, Aladin want to rest first," said Aladdin. His uncle was very angry after hearing the answers to these Aladin. "Leave now, or kusihir you a frog", cried uncle. Seeing his uncle was very angry, and rushed Aladdin set out in search of wood.
After getting the wood, his uncle and then make a fire and say the incantation. Aladin was very surprised at all, because after his uncle read the spell, suddenly ground to crack and form a hole. Aladdin began to ask himself, "Is he really my uncle? Or is he just a magician who wants to use me alone? "
"Aladdin, come down you kelubang it. Get me a light at the bottom of the cave Antic ", told his uncle. "I'm afraid my uncle," said Aladdin. His uncle then gave the ring to the Aladdin. "Wear this, this ring will protect you", said his uncle. Then Aladdin began to fall down.
After reaching the bottom, Aladin was amazed by what he saw. On the basis of the Aladdin's cave to find that the fruit trees and lots of jewelry jewels. "Sooner you bring me antique lamp, Aladdin. Do perdulikan the other, "his uncle shouted from above. Aladdin took the lamp antique, and mulaimemanjat upward. But after nearly reached the top, Aladdin's cave to see the door was closed and only open a crack. Aladdin began to think that his uncle would set her up. "Hurry Aladdin, just throw the lamp", cried uncle. "No, I'm not going to memberikanlampu this, before I reached the top," said Aladdin.
After debate, the uncle of Aladdin became impatient and finally "Brak!" pit door closed, and his uncle left the Aladdin trapped in an underground hole. Aladdin became sad, and sat. Now he knows that real men are not his uncle, and he just manipulated by man. Aladin lalubmencari every way in order to exit the cave, but his efforts are always in vain. "I'm very hungry, and want to meet my mother, O Lord, save your servant," says Aladin.
Lights AladinSambil pray, Aladdin rubbed antique lamps and wondered why the man wanted to have the witch lamp. Having rubbed, suddenly became red around it and smoke billowing. Along with that came a giant. Aladdin was so scared. "Forgive me, because it has been surprising sir", I was the guardian genie lamp. What is the command master to me? ", Said the giant" Oh, then take me to come home. " "Good lord, take kepunggungku, we will soon go from here", said Jin lights. In a short time, Aladdin had reached the front of his house. "If the host requires me, call me by rubbing the lamp."
Aladdin told him all things in nature to his mother. "Why did the witch want this dirty lamp huh?", Said Mrs. Aladin. "This is a magic lamp Mom!", Said Aladdin. Because her mother did not believe, then rub the Aladdin's lamp. And after the genie out the lamp, Aladdin asks for the prepared food is delicious. Taklama then her mother terkejur, because a very delicious dish is available in front of the eye.
Similarly, days, months, tahunpun change, Aladdin lived happily with his mother. Aladin has now become a young man. One day, through a daughter of King in front of his house. He was fascinated and felt in love with Princess Belle's. Aladdin and his desire to tell his mother to marry a princess. "Calm Aladdin, Mother would commercialize them." Mother went to the palace of the king by bringing the jewels belonged to Aladdin. "Your Majesty, this is a gift to the king of my son." King very happy. "Well ..., your son is definitely a handsome prince, tomorrow I will come to your palace with her daughter." After arriving at home Mom immediately rub the lamp genie lamp and asked to bring a castle. Aladdin and his mother waited on the hill. Shortly afterwards the genie lamp comes with a magnificent palace on his back. "Sir, this palace." The next day the King and his daughter came to visit the Palace of Aladdin's very majestic. "Will you make my son as a wife?", Asked the King. Aladdin is very pleased to hear that. Then they both perform the wedding.
Not unexpectedly, it turns out the witch turned out to see it all through a crystal ball. He then went to the Aladdin and pretended to be a seller in front of the Palace of Aladdin's lamp. He shouted, "given in exchange for your old lights with new lights!". The empress who saw the old Aladdin's magic lamp to get out and exchange it with a new lamp. Soon the magician rub the lamp genie lamp and ordered the palace and its contents and bring Aladdin's wife into his home.
When Aladdin came home from tour, he was very surprised because the court lost. Aladin then remembered with a ring of male witch. Rubbed the ring, and ring out Jin. Aladdin asked the genie ring about what had happened to his palace. Jin Ring then told all to Aladdin. "Then please bring the palace back to me and my wife," said Aladdin. "Sorry sir, my strength is not for genie lamp," said Jin ring. "Then, please Take me to the place of the wizard. I'll take his own ", said Aladdin. Arriving at the Palace, Aladdin slipped inside to find the room where the Princess locked up. Princess then told me that witches were sleeping due to drinking beer. After learning that the magician was asleep, then sneak into the room Aladdin men male witch.
Having successfully entered the room, and Aladdin's magic lamp that witch take and immediately rub it. "Get rid of these criminals," said Aladdin to the genie lamp. Wizards woke up, then attack the Aladdin. But Jin direct light slammed into the wizards and threw it outside the palace. "Thank you genie lamp, take us and the palace back to its original place." Arriving in the Persian Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to help the poor and distress.

Tale "Aladdin and the magic lamp" is retold by kak Ghulam Pramudiana







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